Antti Tuisku - Bailantai

3D animation for the Olympic Stadium show in Helsinki

I recently had an opportunity to work on a 3D animated visuals for Antti Tuisku's "Bailantai" concert. This project was somewhat challenging yet quite fun to work on. Project’s art director was Ari Levelä (MOBB Helsinki). My tasks were to create and animate several characters, particles and smoke visuals for the stage screens. Characters and animation were created in Cinema 4D and rendered with Redshift.

The show took place in Helsinki Olympic Stadium on the 9th and 10th of September 2022, with over 84 000 viewers in total. The concert was also streamed live and was accessible on demand for one month after the release.


Character designer, 3D animation, Rendering


MOBB Helsinki


Stage and Visual Design: Ari Levelä, Pekka Martti

Visual Team: Ari Levelä, Pekka Martti, Saku Väänänen, Teemu Lehtonen, Joonas Liesimaa, Konsta Fedorov, Love Karlsson, Johan Lindell, Ossi Käki, Anti Sulkanen, Ville Pastell, Teppo Hakkarainen

Screen Content Production: MOBB Helsinki Oy