projection mapping show

The idea behind the connection is to unite two buildings in a simultaneous visual flow, where elements are roaming between building structures symbolising human emotions and feelings. In this work, I've tried to link surfaces together utilising projection mapping techniques on two buildings located at Väinö Linna Square, Tampere. Unique element of this mapping project was special surround sound design to create immersive multilayer experience at the location.

During the past couple of years, people were forced to become detached from each other and the regular city experiences, from being "connected offline". I aimed to show the abstract idea that even if we are separated in different buildings, different inner worlds we are still connected to each other. The elements behaviours used are symbolic representations of us being separated physically yet remaining connected spiritually and emotionally.

Animation was created in Cinema 4D and rendered with Redshift. Final compositing and sound overlay performed in Final Cut Pro. Buildings mapped with Millumin.


3D animation, Projection Mapping


Animation and Mapping: Konsta Fed
Sound Design: José Montaño —
Projectionist & Technical Support: Carlos Portilla
Videographer: Sam Gurung