Sandvik Automine® Core

3D explanatory animation

Having collaborated with Sandvik on product visualizations for several years, I am proud to showcase the first non-NDA project with a public release intended for promoting Sandvik's mining automation technologies on social media.

This particular project spanned over three months, with a main focus of preparing high quality visualisations of Sandvik technology operating in the natural environment of a realistic mining operation. This required attentive processing of all CAD models of the equipment to convert them to actual meshes, rig them, as well as further clean and ready the models and their textures for animation. It is intended for these models to be used in future visualisations as well, so they had to be prepared with versatility and ease of use in mind. Besides the machinery animations, pyro simulation effects were used to visualize the dust, while rigid body simulation allowed showcasing seamless interactions between rocks and the machinery.

During the production process everything was done in close collaboration with the client. While the base script of the video was provided by Sandvik, the storyboarding and animatic done by me required active feedback sessions before proceeding. Once the draft animation was approved, it was time for the clean renders and compositing of the final video in DaVinci Resolve.

The video also features AI generated text-to-speech narration and Sandvik-branded music.


CAD models processing, Rigging, Texturing, Animation, Post production