The story about structures in sound

Projection mapping series project aimed to boost visibility for the Tampere Film Festival (https:// Was performed during festival 4.3.2020 – 8.3.2020 in Tampere, Finland.

The project screening took place in three locations during the festival:

Every evening 4.3.2020 - 8.3.2020 at Finlayson (Väinö Linnan Aukio)
Duration 4:23 (on the loop)

6.3.2020 at Tampereen Tuomiokirkko
Duration 4:10 (on the loop)

7.3.2020 at Tullikamarin Klubi (Tullikamarin Aukio)
Duration 5:10 (on the loop)

The core idea for this project was to explore structures of the buildings animations and sounds. Animation in some parts of the show was driven by the sound sampling which was extremely interesting to experiment with. We were developing visuals structured not only by shape but by the sound as well in dense collaboration with the sound designer. Also was important to blend art techniques with brand identity in order to create a unique visual set for each location yet still have key visuals unified.

Due to technical reasons for the Finlayson show, we couldn't use sound on set. Thus we created a show where the sound was accessible via live streaming form the website. Other locations had a sound system installed to create an immersive experience during the show.


3D Animation, Projection Mapping


Animation and Mapping: Konsta Fed
Sound Design: José Montaño —
Projectionist: Carlos Portilla