The story about fashion, love and passion

Synchronised projection mapping made on both sides of the Rubber duck sculpture by Villu Jaanisoo placed in the yard of the Tampere Art Museum. Duration 2.50. Was performed during videokanava screening event on 22.09.2018.

Projection mapping animation consists of the 3 parts and representing the view on the abstract definitions of the fashion, love and passion and transformations driven by feelings.

Fashion. The first part, the transformation from the outside. Turning the sculpture into the multicolour creature is the way to show the process of creating a new look with the outer influence. Where rising amount of admirers and appreciation could lead to the death of the personality.

Love. The second part, a transformation from the inside. This part starts with the message placed to the morse code saying “I love you” and diffusion reaction visualises the feeling of love spreading out of your soul after those words spoken. The animation represents the words you saying, how the inner feelings come out and how this changes you outside as well.

Passion. Symbolic representation of the transformation from the ugly duckling to the white swan when you are driven by the passion for what you are doing.


Animation, Projection Mapping


Personal project


Animation and Mapping: Konsta Fed
Sound Design: José Montaño —
Projectionist & Technical Support: Carlos Portilla