Video installation projected on a locker. Duration: 2:00min, played in a loop. Was presented and running during IWEEK 2018 at Mediapolis, Tampere.

In our society, we are often expected to keep in our honest thoughts and emotions, remaining polite and silent for the sake of following the narrative the others construct for us. We are expected to suppress our true selves and follow in line. Yet at the same time, we are expected to be genuine, in touch with our feelings, experiencing life to the fullest regardless of our true nature, needs, and desires.

(ex)PRESS(ed) video installation raises these topics, representing the different lockers we all carry within ourselves, what might happen if we unlock them and the consequences of such actions.


Animation, Video Editing, Projection Mapping


Personal project


Animation and Mapping: Konsta Fed
Sound Design: Sameer Gurung
Cinematography: Alisa Komendova and Tom Busam