MRI VR Experience

360° Animated short film

An animated VR experience intended to demonstrate how MRI works through the journey to the space station with appealing fun characters and simple story.

This project was part of my practical training at Gofore as 3D Motion Designer. The idea of the project is to help kids overcome fear before the MRI and reduce movement during the procedure to reduce the time for this procedure and medication needed. This project was run by me, with consulting and advisory from my supervisor Mikko Nurmi. Thus in this project, I was responsible for project management, character and story design, animation and production. From the steps taken for the project, we shift the original idea of creating a small VR game towards the animated movie. After first tests with the target audience (kids 6–10) where kids simply didn’t want to use comptroller and were just enjoying the story and characters. In the end, there was a small application created for Oculus Go, that runs the movie.

Whole work process could be described: Idea and planning > developing and sketching characters alongside with the story > initial test interactions and characters with target audience > adjusting idea and developing script for the animation > testing simple animation and validating script with hospital doctors > finalising characters and recording voiceover for the animation > building initial animation and test render with voiceover > refining animation and final render > during the final render developing standalone application in Unity to simplify work of the hospital personnel and finalising sound design > binding up all together and warping up the project. For the sound design and voiceover, we were working with TAMK students from music production study path. For storyboard and logic structure presentation I was using Sketch and for the character design modelling, animation and final rendering – Cinema 4D.

Due agreement with Gofore, ufortunately I'm not alowed to publish full movie yet, please contact me at for an individual preview link.


Character design, 3D Animation




Project Idea: Mikko Nurmi
Character design and animation: Konsta Fed
Narrator: Ville Pelkonen
Sound design: Ville Pelkonen, Tom Salkovs