Qt 3D Studio Demo

Car cluster animated prototype

3D animated demo of the car cluster for the company developing software for the car manufacturers. This demo will be used as showcase study at exhibitions and in the software demo project.

This project was part of my practical training at Gofore as 3D Motion Designer. The main goal of this project was to create a car cluster prototype demo using Qt 3D studio. Side goal was to collect UX feedback for developers from the designer's point of view. Work on the project began with the creating plan and sketching ideas with my supervisor. After we agreed on the interface idea I continued in creating the first demo of the interface and small animations in Cinema 4D. Alongside we were working on the script and storyboards for the future reel. Having a clear vision and approved interface I proceed with export objects and combining them in Qt 3D studio (a tool for the developing lightweight interfaces for the devices without operating system). Also for the live demo, I used some scripting to simplify the animation process.


Motion designer, UI designer




Idea: Mikko Nurmi
Prototyping and design: Konsta Fed