Electric heart

The story about social networks

Interactive projection mapping installation. Was exhibited 7-10 of May 2019 at iWeek (Mediapolis, Tampere); 10-16 of June 2019 at TECHNOGENIC exhibition as part of the SWÄG festival (Hiedanrannan Kartano, Tampere).

We spend more and more time on the web. We are becoming digital humans. We are turning ourselves into the pixels. We are moving through the wires. The more we are emerging into the depth of social media the smaller our hearts may become.

This is also an exploration project into the depth of viewer interaction in visual art. The installation utilised 2 projectors blended together to boost light power and reduce shadow appearance. Kinect was used as a tracking device allows to create interaction based on the location of the person in the room in all 3 dimensions: visuals react to the position of the viewer and transforms accordingly.


Visual programming, Projection Mapping


Personal project


Visual programming and Mapping: Konsta Fed
Sound Design: Sameer Gurung