The story about surface and artists

Projection mapping covering half of the art centre building Hirvitalo in Tampere. Duration 3.00. Was performed during videokanava screening event on 06.10.2018.

Projection mapping project aim was to show the connection of the art centre with the new artists, emerging art techniques and boost the visibility of the local artist's community. Hirvitalo is the place where artists and enthusiasts are gathering together, exhibit works and share new ideas. The community of the local artists trying to keep this centre up and running, thus another goal of the project was to show that this community is open to new ideas and experiments from the outside are more than welcome.

The animation represents the birth of the idea as a sparkle, developing and structuring it like lines and elaboration through the colour to the final wrap in words. Words used in the mapping picked from the three languages: Finnish, English and Spanish and related to the art, creation process and saving historically important buildings.

Technical aspect of this mapping was to explore the building surface usage with small opaque areas and projection on it from the short distance.


Animation, Projection Mapping


Personal project


Animation and Mapping: Konsta Fed
Music: Alexey Kochetkov
Sound Design: José Montaño —
Projectionist & Technical Support: Carlos Portilla